Elizabeth thompson lcsw ladc mba

SUMMARY OF clinical and business QUALIFICATIONS


Created ACTION Healthcare Services and met all State and Federal legal and regulatory compliance while providing Home Health Services of the highest clinical and ethical standards.
Terminated, recruited, evaluated, and supervised 60 person staff (multi- offices), generated low staff turnover, and increased high employee morale.
Eliminated a hostile corporate takeover while replacing 70% of staff and delivering both quality clinical and ethical hospice services at Red River Hospice.
Developed the business, the strategic, and the marketing plans, in addition to the budgets, presented all to the Board of the Directors and implemented successfully.
Negotiated contracts with hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, equipment companies, radio, and other form s direct or indirect marketing for the most effective value for the company.
As Clinical Director, incorporated Total Quality Management program for 250 therapeutic clients that standardized services, restructured program, increased functionality and proficiency of services, and achieved 100 % compliance from Department of Mental Health &Substance Abuse Services.
As Business Manager and Clinical Director, developed policies and procedures, including personnel.
Trained nursing teams in approaching referral sources and handling problematic issues, and created feedback loop that tracked success of referral efforts. 
Routinely recruited, evaluated, and supervised personnel person staff, established personnel policies and procedures, and generated low staff turnover, high employee morale, and high patient recall and referrals.
Served on numerous service and volunteer boards providing leadership, guidance, support, and resources back to our state, city, and community.


Evaluated clinician group’s objectives, analyzed industry trends and markets, and developed strategic plan that increased revenue and focused their resources, time, and energy more profitably.
Created public relations plan and identified niche market that increased referrals by 24 % and total revenues by 15%. 
Created private pay program and charity program using cash flow projections, budget requirements, and structural considerations, successfully presented these programs to Board of Directors, and implemented programs as Project Manager.
Analyzed market (using trend analysis) and funding sources, investigated physician specialties, nurse specialties, and current referral base, and developed and implemented new team marketing strategy that increased referrals by 35 %and profits by 28%.
Created, developed, and implemented successful chemical dependence treatment program for adults, adolescents, children, and geriatric psychiatric units.  Supervised clinical and support staff.
Presented numerous in-services and presentations mental health, addictions, terminal illnesses, emotional wellness, coping strategies, social services, resources, referral systems and ethics to staff, patients, family members, and outside agencies as well as the public.
Administered data collection for grants’ monitoring and funding maintenance, and documentation satisfied 97 %t of internal audit requirements and 100% of external audit requirements.
Co-authored research and evaluation instrument with accompanying computerized database system that compiled, monitored, and evaluated baseline, progress, and summary statistics (using SPSS and dBase IV) for maintenance of Homeless Project’s grant funding. 


Controlled and administered $4 Million operating budget a year of Multi-office of Red River Hospice.
Renegotiated contracts with vendors decreasing direct patient costs by 28%.
Incorporated accounting software and created federal payroll, state taxes, business accounts, and host of other necessary accounting and financial procedures for numerous enterprises as well as ACTION.
Controlled and administered $1.4 Million cash flow budget and other financial concerns for optometric and eye professional practice, that maintained low A/R and increased cash flow. 
Developed budget for chemical dependence program, and supervised 12-member staff.
Conducted trend analysis of funding sources and developed strategic planning that increased funding.


Conducted individual, family, marital, and group therapies in outpatient, day treatment, as well as inpatient settings addressing various psychiatric diagnoses for adolescents, adults, and geriatrics.
Experienced with providing clinical service to various diverse populations as Native Americans, Hispanics, Veterans, Homeless, Aids/HIV, Geriatrics, the terminally ill, the physically challenged, residents of the Tulsa Housing Projects, gay/ lesbians, adolescents, fire fighters, members of Islam, as well as individuals of different socioeconomic status, or of different religious preferences, or ethnicity.
Facilitated individual, group, family, & marital, therapies for chemically dependent adult, adolescent, & geriatric populations in outpatient, inpatient, and day treatment hospital facilities.
Provided individual, marital, group, or family addressing mental health, substance abuse, grief, chronic illness, death and dieing, terminal illness, sexual abuse, domestic violence, financial planning, long-range planning issues, or any other issue identified by the individual or family member.
Utilized psychosocial, cognitive, reframing, object relations, play therapy, art therapy, and spirituality.
Intervened with crisis intervention services when required.
Addressed end of life issues & decision-making processes with Hospice & Home Health patients, family members, and caregivers.
Created and implemented chemical dependency programs for adults, adolescents, children, and geriatric psychiatric units while pursuing JCAHO & CARF certifications.  Supervised clinical and support staff.
Clinical documentation often met the agency benchmark standards.
Accomplished 100% audit from Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse.
Presented numerous in-services and presentations on mental health, addictions, terminal illnesses, emotional wellness, coping strategies, social services, resources, referral systems and ethics to staff, patients, and family members, outside agencies as well as the public.
Volunteered Critical Incident Stress Debriefing to Murray Building Bombing Rescue Workers & Victims.


Assisted patients and families in financial planning and long-term care planning.
Identified and developed community resources for treatment, placement and services.
Qualified patients for services, entitlement programs or resources while providing case management.
Converted nonpayable patients through social work case management interventions for Park View Hospital Home Health $190,000 Medicare & $59,000 Medicaid for a total of $249,000!
Repeated at Frontier Hospices and collected $67,000.
Accomplished again at Red River Hospice $36,000 and $28,000 for the patient.
Delivered education to patients, families and caregivers of patient’s disease process and prognosis.
Coordinated and facilitated discharge planning with patients, families and team members.
Advocated for patients, residents, or clients for services when barriers arises.
Conducted home visits when required or face to face visit on location wherever client may be located
Assisted residents, clients, patients in educational & employment opportunities.

My Qualifications