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Therapeutic Services 


Are you experiencing struggles or frustrations in your relationships,

work, or routine and are unsure of what to do? Sometimes life’s

challenges become overwhelming and you may find it difficult to cope

or to move forward. When this happens, these challenges may

dominate your life. Often employment, financial, social, and family

pressures add to your struggles as well. I will work in partnership with

you to identify how these problems have affected your life, as well as any

barriers which have prevented your success. Through our collaborative

therapeutic relationship I will help you regain control over your life.©


Are you searching for meaning in your life, or feeling stuck? Are you adjusting to significant changes in your life? Do you feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled? Do you question if you are achieving your potential? Are you experiencing transition and wonder if there is more? Or perhaps you want more out of life? And you have the desire to learn and grow personally and interpersonally. I can accompany you through your journey and help you succeed.©


You may feel depressed, alone, sometimes hopeless and empty. You don’t understand the source of your distress and you don’t know what to do to feel better. In this place, you can feel stuck, lost, helpless perhaps even scared. Whether the difficulties are past or recent, you feel like you are struggling, if life seems to lack meaning or joy, you may be ready to seek assistance. In my experience one’s pains and worries decrease during the therapeutic process, and life feels richer, fuller and more manageable. This eventually results in a greater sense of well being, and you experience more satisfying connections with others. ©


Life can throw us off track at times, which may be a particularly difficult time for us. Perhaps you are struggling with feelings of anxiety? Or feeling out of control, or overwhelmed? If you worry more than you’d like; feel stuck because of fear; lose sleep because you can’t shut your mind off; get thoughts and ideas stuck in your head that you can’t let go of; feel tense and nervous too often; or avoid social situations. Your anxiety may have escalated to the point of which you suffered from shortness of breath or experienced chest pains. Both the Emergency Room and your physician explained to you that you are not experiencing heart attacks but Panic Attacks. There is Hope! I can help you develop the tools and skills you require so you take control of your anxiety. You can recover from these overwhelming feelings and learn to move forward and live life with a feeling of calm and ease. ©


Do you often find yourself irritable and angry at the people around you? Are you feeling discontent? Agitated with the small things? Perhaps yelled or screamed at the driver in the other lane? Or recently “lost it” with someone you love or care about? Yelled at your dog or kicked your cat? Slammed doors or behaved in a way you wish you could take back? Are you tired of mistreating the people you love? Healthy Anger is learning to respond differently in situations that make you upset which doesn’t have to be difficult. There are alternatives. You can change and overcome with my assistance and guidance. ©


Have you sacrificed yourself for the care of others you love and care about? Have you made choices you regretted? Perhaps you are struggling with your own over involvement in your family members’ lives or friends’ lives. Our childhood experiences and current relationships impact the way we feel about ourselves and others, but they do not set our lives in stone. In therapy we identify beliefs and patterns that are currently interfering with our lives. From there we can both discover new possibilities and facilitate your behavioral and emotional changes for your success today. ©


Are you and your loved one struggling? Do you doubt your spouse, or lover? Is your relationship more about conflict than about love, care and respect? Are you dissatisfied in your relationship? Something has got to change…right? We all have challenges in our relationships, but when confronted with problems; many couples experience the pain of conflict and withdrawal, or settle for an uneasy peace where they live more like roommates than lovers. While other couples struggle, fight or grow apart, or just give up. Imagine what it would be like to leave the fighting and pain behind? I can assist those couples committed to change, and dedicated to face together their particular barriers, fears, and opportunities for them to come out better and stronger on the other side. ©


Have you been experiencing physical pain for a long time and all the repercussions chronic pain can cause? Have you had multiple medical interventions in an attempt to alleviate your pain? Maybe your physicians have said you need another surgery and you don’t know what to do. Perhaps your physicians have said there is nothing more they can do. Most people cope with brief episodes of pain of a level 3 and below pretty well. When pain is constant or above this level (4-9) it can cause problems with concentration, anger, memory and overall stress. Pain can cause problems in our relationships as well. We can focus on a comprehensive approach to your pain problems. Together we can identify the factors exacerbating your pain while progressively creating interventions reducing your pain levels. In addition, while we increase your coping skills you find more choices available in what you do on a daily basis. ©


Sometimes loss becomes overwhelming and you may find it difficult to cope or to move forward. Approaching and working with emotional pain is difficult. I can Walk with you during your journey of facing difficult challenges, finding strength and identifying more choices for yourself and your life. The support and understanding of another person helps us face our difficulties. Loss and grief can be integrated into our life. We never forget, we honor, cherish, remember, while we move forwards while living our live. From there we can discover new possibilities together. ©


Group therapy is a very common and popular choice for many individuals who are trying to make changes in their life.
 I use opportunity to heal through individual and group therapy. Research has shown that individuals in a group setting can experience growth and healing because of the group setting and being with others who have similar experiences and understand what it’s like to "walk in your shoes". I offer variety of group topics. Please go to  groups on my site for more information.

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